Soli is the preferred choice for growers worldwide seeking to develop efficient, productive greenhouse farms and nurseries for raising vegetables, fruits, and flowers. Our experts tailor each project to the local climate conditions, supplying all the advanced technology and equipment needed for optimal crop management, packing, distribution, and logistics.


Greenhouse Covering

Polyethylene greenhouse covering is designed to shield crops from the external environment (wind, rain, dust, snow, etc.) and create an internal microclimate where factors like light, temperature, and humidity can be precisely controlled. This produces enhanced crop quality and yield, and also offers growers the option to extend their growing season, for fresh fruit year-round. The polyethylene covering exhibits excellent mechanical characteristics, such as UV stability, is anti-fog/drip and enables maximum light transmission at the visible range (TLT).

Anti-Insect Nets

These fine 50-mesh plastic nets are a vital solution to prevent pests like whiteflies from infiltrating the greenhouse, especially in areas that frequently experience plant damage due to insects being disease vectors. The nets cover the greenhouse’s side windows, simultaneously blocking insect access and permitting reasonable ventilation.

Air Permeability: 50% Shade Level: 20%

Shading, Protection & Energy-Saving Screens

Designed for internal use, these energy-saving UV-resistant screens can also be installed as a movable thermal screen to provide moderate shading for a wide variety of crops. Each screen prevents irradiation damage in plants and fruits, and also reduces the heat level in greenhouses on particularly hot days.

Pad & Fan Evaporative Cooling Systems

In regions that experience high temperatures, an active cooling system is required to ensure consistent greenhouse temperature, crop quality, and worker productivity. The pad and fan-based evaporative cooling system relies on cooling pads that are installed in a frame with a distribution pipe at its top. Water flows along the pipe and is absorbed by the porous pad. At the bottom of the pad, water is collected and then recirculated via a pump. On the opposite wall, galvanized steel exhaust fans are installed that disperse evaporated water, lowering the overall air temperature.

Soilless Growing Media

The majority of soilless media is based on coconut fiber grow bags, which are placed in growing gutter lines. Polypropylene plant beds present a versatile, economical solution for soilless greenhouse cultivation. These sturdy, extra-durable beds are easy to assemble and suitable for all growing media, with drainage gutters included. They are resistant to chemicals and UV radiation (5-year guarantee against UV damage) and also retain their shape during steam sterilization.

Ground Cover for Soilless Greenhouses

Made from woven polypropylene cloth, this ground cover is used to support the growth of plants in soilless media, blocking light to the ground below while allowing water to pass through. The cloth is impressively strong and flexible.

Trellising Systems

These high wire hooks are specially designed to support vegetable plants in greenhouses. Each multi-season hook contains 8-15 meters of twine and has an extra bend of metal to enable quick release of the first 3 meters to the ground, saving significant amounts of setup time. Pre-determined amounts of “leaning and lowering” twine can also be customized to suit your preferred increments.

Hydroponic Systems


Pond systems are versatile hydroponic growing systems that achieve outstanding production and product quality by ensuring enhanced plant nutrition. This technique circulates a stream of water containing dissolved nutrients past plant roots in a watertight pond. As the water is recycled, comparatively low amounts are needed, and the systems offer growers greater opportunities to effectively influence positive plant growth and development.


1. High quality produce with a clean, eco-friendly growing system.
2. Controlled greenhouse growth in any climate conditions.
3. No need for special, non-contaminated land.
4. Uses minimal water, fertilizer, and personnel, saving on costs.
5. Advanced control system for all growth stages: planting to packaging.

Walk-In Tunnels

Walk-in tunnel greenhouses present an effective, economical cultivation option for many farmers, enabling significant improvements in yield and income. Each walk-in tunnel includes polyethylene covering, anti-insect nets, manual side ventilation, drip irrigation, a trellising system, and an entrance door.


Importance & Advantages

Raising young vegetable seedlings in a nursery guarantees that these plants enjoy optimal care and growing conditions during their most vulnerable period. The seedlings come with a developed root system suitable for greenhouse and field growing conditions, ensuring a higher rate of success.

Boom Irrigation Systems

When this type of irrigation system is installed in the nursery, each gable is equipped with its own traveling boom. Powered by an electric motor, the boom is operated via a steel cable and moves along the tables to irrigate each plant precisely.

Growing Tables

Featuring galvanized legs and aluminum T-profiles, these growing tables are designed to accommodate growing trays and save space throughout the greenhouse. They improve general working conditions for personnel and also enable easy water collection and recycling. Rolling tables are the other common table system.

Trolleys & Trays

These trolleys and trays make loading and unloading easier and more efficient throughout the nursery. Each shelf is adjustable, so it can hold plants of many different sizes. Use of these trolleys enables plants to arrive at the greenhouse in better condition and be unloaded closer to the planting site, saving time, eliminating double handling, and minimizing plant damage.

Seeding Lines

Suitable for all kinds of trays and seeds (naked and pelleted), this semi-automatic row seeder utilizes a pneumatic system, complete with an automatic dibbler. Its nozzles are electrically controlled, enabling one or more seeds to be deposited in the same hole. The row seeder can achieve production of up to 2,400 rows per hour, with automatic advancement.

Germination Rooms (Warehouse)

Optimized to ensure ideal seed germination conditions for a higher success rate, each germination room is fully equipped for complete electronic control of temperature and humidity.

Water Management

Drip Irrigation Systems

Drip irrigation is a micro-irrigation technique that aims to nourish each plant with the most efficient amount of water, minimizing waste and saving on resources. Drip systems can also be utilized for fertigation, delivering all the necessary fertilizers and microelements directly to the root zone.

Water Tanks

Soli’s high quality metal silos offer growers a simple, durable, and space-saving way to store water for the short or long term. Each silo has a guaranteed long lifespan and can be installed easily and quickly, thanks to the clear instructions and special mounting materials we provide. The silo’s metal wall is lined with a film that varies in accordance with the desired application. Silos can be delivered in various sizes, according to the needs of the specific crop.

Filtering Systems

Soli supplies efficient hydraulic filters that require no external power source, making them the ideal solution for agricultural applications where power is not freely available. These filters feature a simple construction, reliable operating mechanism, and large filtration area. They provide automatic flushing, according to the pressure differential, with no interruption of downstream flow during flushing and minimal reject water.

Ventilation Systems

Importance & Advantages

Ventilation systems play a vital role in commercial greenhouses all over the globe, helping to create the optimal climate and growing conditions for each plant. They are therefore pivotal to achieving long-term plant health and superior crop production.

Side Vents

Each Soli greenhouse has side ventilation, with a woven polyethylene curtain installed on each side of the structure. These curtains are operated by a gear motor and dedicated control system for efficient climate management at all times.

Roof Vents

Greenhouse roof vents are operated by a central control system and enable hot air to escape from the greenhouse while simultaneously allowing fresh air to enter. This helps to keep temperatures moderate inside the greenhouse and also promotes a gentle breeze for good air circulation.

18” Air Circulation Fans

These fans aid optimal air circulation within the greenhouse, working to dissipate heat and humidity.

Exhaust Fans

Required for forced ventilation of greenhouses, exhaust fans provide much-needed fresh air while also dehumidifying the environment. They work on centrifugal axles that automatically open and close the fan covers as needed.

Computerization & Control

Automatic Climate & Fertigation Control Systems

Easily installed, integrated, and operated, these open computerized systems offer growers the ability to control climate in multiple greenhouses and other facilities, while also managing irrigation and fertigation processes. The computer automatically detects equipment faults and set-point abnormalities, and alerts designated users so the issue can be handled immediately. The system also provides a real-time graphic representation of all greenhouse equipment and functions, which authorized users can even monitor remotely. It can be upgraded at any time to accommodate new configurations and technologies.


Artificial Lighting Systems

In many areas of the world, there is not always sufficient light to sustain optimal crop growth year-round. This is why many growers use grow lights to encourage plant growth by stimulating photosynthesis. Plants that are deprived of adequate light may grow weak and spindly, so these supplemental lights enable the plants to continue converting light energy into chemical energy, which fuels continual, healthy growth.

Electrical Panel Boards

These distribution boards are designed to operate all electrical components within the greenhouse. Housed within waterproof cabinets, they connect to the irrigation and climate control systems, and are adapted to the local voltage, current, wattage, and frequency.

Cooling Rooms

Located inside the packing room, the cooling room creates the ideal controlled environment for long-term vegetable and fruit storage.

Pest Control Sprayers

Enabling easy, convenient, and highly effective spraying, these sprayers offer optimal pest control in many agricultural facilities, including greenhouses and walk-in tunnels.

Sorting & Grading Machines

Sorting and grading systems provided by Soli are ideal for all fruits and vegetables throughout the handling process: receiving, dumping, hot water treatment, cleaning, waxing and drying, sorting, grading, and packing. The sorter is a high-speed electronic roller sizer for precision weighing, with new optical technology for accurate sorting by diameter, length, and color. This quiet, high-performance sizer is most suitable for soft handling of high volume round produce.

High Trollies for Harvesting & Maintenance

Especially useful for very high greenhouses, these trollies make jobs like pruning, training, and gathering substantially easier, while also permitting easy transport through the greenhouse’s interior.

Heating Systems

Heating systems are crucial to the commercial greenhouses all over the world, enabling growers to effectively extend their growing season into the colder months. In climate terms, growers must take note of the daytime and nighttime temperatures, as well as the relative and absolute humidity levels. It is important to note that many crops require a temperature difference between the day and night for proper fruit set, and in most cases the 24-hour average temperature should be above 18°C.