When selecting cucumber seeds, you always want to be sure of the finest flavor, reliable yield, and seamless adaptation to your growing conditions. Soli develops and supplies varieties in line with market needs that always give you the best of all worlds, ensuring excellent disease resistance, first-rate quality, and a bountiful harvest over time.


  • Segment: Indoor Beit-Alfa
  • Fruit Length: 16-18 cm
  • Color: Dark green
  • IR: PX, ZYMV, CVYV, Pcu
  • Growing: Summer type cucumber
  • Special Values: Compact plant with determinate side shoots | Multi fruited (3/4 fruits per node) | Fast fruit development and good continuity | cylindrical fruit | Good shelf life | Excellent fruit quality and high concentrated yield


  • Segment: Cocktail Cucumber
  • Fruit Length: 8-10 cm
  • Color: Dark green
  • HR: Ccu, Px
  • Growing: All year greenhouses, high tunnels and net house. In winter recommend to grow in greenhouse.
  • Special Values: uniformity size and shape. Crispy and tasty. Strong “Multi” type plant.