Soli develops and cultivates super tomato varieties to meet evolving market needs. We are committed to offering varieties that exhibit outstanding firmness, vivid color, and delicious flavor in addition to high yields and excellent uniformity. In every case, we take into consideration local climate conditions as well as the specific needs of each grower.


  • Segment: Rootstock Tomato
  • Plant Type: Indeterminate
  • HR: Fol 0-1, Va:0, Vd:0, For
  • IR: N(Mj)
  • Special Values: Balanced rootstock, suitable for all types of tomatoes for grafting, both in summer and winter seasons. Strong - medium vigor roots, that helps the plant growth continuity without impacting the shape of the fruits. It contains a high absorption capacity of magnesium and micro elements. High tolerance to Fusarium solani.